Customer Spotlight: Blue Cat

“Gone are the days, especially in technology companies, where you can set goals once a year and expect them to never change,” says Cheryl Kerrigan, Vice President of People at Blue Cat.

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The company “provides enterprise DNS to some of the world’s largest corporations,” says Chief Technology Officer Andrew Werktin. It’s a demanding job, and Werktin believed that the old ways simply weren’t cutting it any more. “Historically, performance management has been broken because it’s been completely separate from the way we work every day.”

Kerrigan wanted a performance management system that was more agile, and she left no stone unturned in finding the right one.

“I’ve honestly looked at every single performance management system out there”, explains Kerrigan. What drew her to Reflektive was that the system “took three of the things that I was struggling with, which were recognition, career path, and giving feedback, and made it super malleable and easy for me to have those conversations.”

With Reflektive, Werktin and Kerrigan believe they’re better equipped to build a corporate culture that fosters innovation and growth. “We’re constantly assessing what went well and what didn’t go well with the team and the work they’re doing,” says Werktin.

Kerrigan appreciates that Reflektive’s platform allows performance management to be an ongoing conversation. “We wanted a tool where we could have feedback happening across the organization and not just from manager to employee. And that’s what we found in Reflektive.”

While performance management is a key component of human resources, Kerrigan claims, “I don’t want this to be an HR process. I want this to be a process that people look forward to.”

Werktin echoes this sentiment: “The ultimate goal for performance management is that people are learning, people are getting better at what they do, they’re becoming better engineers, they’re becoming better quality professionals. Whatever they do, I want them to get better at it. We’re creating a learning environment, and this performance review process has more to do with that than with a traditional HR compliance view.”

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