DEI Survey, Dashboard, and Benchmark to Improve Inclusivity Efforts

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace is critical for so many reasons. It helps address unfair treatment that underrepresented groups have had to endure for far too long. It helps all employees feel that they can be their true selves at work. And it fosters positive business results, such as driving retention and improving the quality of decision-making

Many executives have spoken about the importance of DEI, but haven’t taken action yet. But how do leaders and HR teams know which actions will make the biggest difference? Where should they start?

Best practices from SHRM include surveying employees to “shed light on their perception of the company in relation to encouraging and appreciating DE&I in the workplace.”

Reflektive has developed a DEI survey, dashboard, and benchmark to help companies assess and improve their inclusion efforts. The DEI survey template was created in consultation with ReadySet, a high-touch boutique consulting firm specializing in making more human-centric, inclusive work environments.

DEI Survey

Reflektive’s survey template covers five factors crucial to driving inclusivity, including “Belonging” and “Opportunities”. With 20 questions and a 7-minute completion time, taking the survey is easy for employees. Sample questions include:

  • “I feel like my workplace provides a positive and healthy environment for me.”
  • “I feel safe being vulnerable with my coworkers.”
  • “My manager cares about my well-being.”

Each question includes a text box for qualitative comments, enabling HR teams to gather additional insights on the employee experience. Answers are anonymous to drive authentic employee responses, however aggregated results can be analyzed by department, location, manager, and more. 

DEI Dashboard and Benchmarking

To easily view DEI survey data, HR teams can see real-time information in Reflektive’s pre-built DEI dashboard. Sample visualizations include: 

  • Factor scores by demographic
  • Heatmap by demographic
  • Highest- and lowest-scored questions
  • Highest-impact questions
  • Comment themes and sentiment, using Natural Language Processing

What’s more, HR teams can see their company’s scores versus those of the Reflektive DEI benchmark. Reflektive’s benchmark data consists of 1,000+ employee responses, representing voices from different geographies, roles, and industries. HR teams can also use their own previous survey responses as benchmark data, to see how diversity, equity, and inclusion is trending at their company over time.

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