How to Avoid “Ditto” Feedback with the Right Performance Management Program

Performance management is about enabling people to do their best work, not about determining how to decide who moves up and gets promoted. If you invest in your performance management program, employee career growth will happen organically.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Pattie Money, CPO of SendGrid, to discuss architecting performance management programs for today’s workforce along with our very own Vice President of Employee Success Rachel Ernst.

Nowadays, in the tech industry especially, promotions are handed out left and right. Often, companies think that implementing a performance management program will help facilitate promotions and career planning, without having to do much to tailor their programs to their specific organizational needs. And this is where performance management goes wrong. There is no destination to implementing performance management because it is ever evolving, just like your workforce.

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How to increase feedback

The good news is that most people are well intentioned and don’t resist the idea of giving feedback, they just don’t know how to do it. For managers without proper training, it’s much easier to “ditto” in giving feedback than it is to think more intentionally and this is why you need to invest in training your managers in order to make your program successful.

How to address the “I don’t have time for that” problem

Managers are busy people, but it’s important to communicate to them that if they “don’t have time” for feedback, they shouldn’t be managing people. It may sound harsh, but employees put their careers in the hands of their managers with the expectation that they will be developed. If managers fail to give feedback, they fail to be good managers.

Pattie says that it’s important for managers to ask themselves if setting aside a few hours twice a year is too much to ask for the success of their employees.

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