Brandon Hall HCM 2018: Meet Employees Where They Work

The workplace is changing. The question for employers is whether they will evolve, too — or watch talent leave.

Reflektive attended the 2018 Brandon Hall Human Capital Management Excellence Conference (#Excellence18) in West Palm Beach, Florida. More than 13 countries were represented in the 24th year of the conference, and it is highly attended by leaders in learning, technology, and human resources across industries. Presenters shared tactics and trends on how they are rethinking longstanding processes to create better workplaces.

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Our director of employee success Rachel Ernst presented on Headwinds and Tailwinds of Changing Performance Management Programs and accepted the Brandon Hall Group Bronze Award for Excellence in the Best Advance in Emerging Talent Management Technology on behalf of Reflektive.

Here are a few key takeaways brought back by the Reflektive team.

Establish a Growth Mindset

In Cigna’s Performance Management Evolution presented by Dr. Samuel C. Rindell, we learned how the company is changing its performance management model to support company growth and changing workplace dynamics. Cigna partnered with NeuroLeadership Institute to apply the latest research to new programs.

Internal surveys show the updated performance management is hitting the mark for Cigna employees. 72% of survey respondents say they understand how their goals are aligned with Cigna’s success. With the new focus on real-time feedback, Cigna team members became collaborative, not competitive. A growth mindset.

Most interestingly, Cigna found employees in growth mindset companies are 34% more likely to feel a sense of ownership and commitment to the future of the company.

People First

Today’s workplace is nontraditional. At Motorola Solutions, employees find themselves working from several locations and structuring work in new ways to accommodate their lifestyles. For the company, this presents new challenges in how to reach and develop employees efficiently.

Diane Lohan Rosso, global director of talent development and acceleration at Motorola Solutions presented on People First: Rethinking The Way We Develop Leaders.

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Rosso shared how Motorola is setting the stage for leadership development where employees are. This tactic is more valuable and efficient to root development in places that are convenient for employees.

It is crucial that companies stay relevant by developing leaders internally — and this will happen by putting people first.

Be Intentional With Change

The theme of HCM today is change. Whether it’s eliminating that annual review or launching new leadership development programs, change is the theme.

Rachel Ernst, director of employee success at Reflektive, presented on the change model she uses with Reflektive customers.

First, understand how employees perceive the current process. This data can be collected through an engagement survey or a simple poll. Second, imagine the ideal future state — what will employees say about it? Here, we follow the theme of putting people first.

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Next, design the architecture. What are the nuts and bolts of the new program? Last, roll it out, along with a system to continue collecting feedback. Change isn’t over yet — continue to make ongoing adjustments.