6 Ways HR Improves Employee Experience

A study based on Glassdoor data found that culture, values and career opportunities are the most important elements in determining whether an employee would recommend her company as a place to work. With job seekers behaving like job shoppers — choosing an employer based on all these elements rather than salary alone — it is important for modern companies to build a brand.

[bctt tweet=”84 percent of employees would leave for a company with an excellent corporate brand” username=”reflektive”]

In fact, 84 percent would consider leaving if offered another role with a company that had an excellent corporate brand.

An employer brand isn’t built overnight. The most authentic brands come from looking at your past, according to Imgur’s Director of People Ops, Jill Kelly.

Employee experience goes a long way. When employees are happy, they stay longer, and passively recruit their contacts to apply for open roles. This way, employee experience supports recruiting and retention.

HR’s influence on employee experience extends from pre-hire to employment to post-employment. It’s easy to focus on recruiting, but HR efforts throughout the cycle can have an even bigger impact.

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