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Empowering Human Resources With People Analytics

Today’s human resources teams have an abundance of data. But too much data isn’t a reason to delay bringing insights into strategic people decisions.

That’s why we’re bringing together the HR software innovations of Reflektive and Shape Analytics. The result is real-time, customizable dashboards and reporting with no assistance necessary from a data science team.

This announcement is fantastic news for Reflektive customers, HR leaders and their stakeholders interested in harnessing the power of real-time performance management and people data for all levels of decision-making and workforce insights.

“We’ve been a satisfied customer of Reflektive to drive our agile performance feedback processes, and we’ve successfully partnered with Shape to use their analytical data reporting capabilities to help us make better people decisions,” said Matt Hoffman, VP of People at DigitalOcean. “Having both of these solutions combined on the same real-time platform gets us incredibly excited for the power and possibilities of making our people data more actionable, more insightful, and easier to use across the entire organization.”

Rajeev Behera, CEO and founder of Reflektive shares in this brief video interview why Reflektive made the acquisition now and what’s to come for customers and the industry: 

Across all industries worldwide, growth-minded companies are investing to integrate analytics throughout their organizations. Finance, Marketing and Sales functions have seen significant gains with the use of data analytics for their teams and daily workflows, but HR organizations and their stakeholders have not had the same level of success. Reflektive People Intelligence delivers breakaway last-mile analytics capability, enabling both front-line and higher-level employees to make analytics-enabled people decisions.

Here’s an example of the Reflektive People Intelligence user experience:

Stay tuned for more details to come regarding the availability of Reflektive People Intelligence as part of Reflektive’s people management solutions. We’re #StrongerTogether to create more customer success, and address Growth Divide opportunities and problems.

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