Evaluate company efforts around COVID-19 with our new Coronavirus Sentiment Survey

In these times of chaos and uncertainty, companies and individuals are making meaningful changes to stay healthy and productive. Lots of our customers have been asking us: how do we know if we’re making the right decisions, at the right time to keep our employees connected and informed? Here at Reflektive, we’ve developed an easy, automated tool to help answer these questions.

Our new Coronavirus Sentiment Survey helps businesses know which employee measures are working well, and what additional actions can be taken in this new environment. With questions on employee support, connectedness, and productivity, HR teams can gather meaningful insights to share with their leadership — and make the right strategic decisions for their employee population.

In the survey, each question includes space for comments, so companies can get more nuanced answers from their employees. The Coronavirus Sentiment Survey template is also customizable, so you can add additional questions that are meaningful to your company.

Below is an employee view of one of the survey questions:

At Reflektive, we learned that our employees appreciate our weekly social hours and All Hands meetings, and ongoing communication from our CEO.  We also found that providing helpful resources on working from home, finding balance, and connecting with loved ones was valuable to Reflektors.

Ready to launch your Coronavirus Sentiment Survey now? We have some quick best practices to get the most out of your survey:

  • Before you launch your survey, create a cross-functional taskforce committed to developing and implementing company-wide plans. Let the team know that you’ll schedule meetings with them to:
    • Share survey results
    • Develop recommendations
    • Implement recommendations
    • Follow-up on progress
  • Have a faster turnaround for the survey: Give employees approximately 3-4 days to respond, so that you can take action sooner given the quickly changing environment. A 70-80% response rate for this survey is ideal.
  • Once you and your taskforce align on post-survey recommendations, use action plans to assign goals for greater accountability.

Looking to learn more about the Coronavirus Sentiment Survey or other Reflektive solutions? Contact us and a product expert will reach out to you shortly.