Get a 360 View on Employee Sentiment with Onboarding, Engagement and Exit Surveys

Many company leaders assume that high employee engagement and retention are due to mission-driven work or a strong work-life balance. However, there are many other variables that impact these crucial metrics. For instance, employees are 58 percent more likely to remain at an organization after three years when there is a structured onboarding program. Similarly, a standard onboarding process increases new hire productivity by 50 percent.

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It’s clear that gaining a holistic view of the employee experience is critical to measuring and improving engagement. We’re excited to announce a new addition to our Engagement solution that provides a complete view of the employee journey. Our new Onboarding survey, in addition to our Engagement and Exit surveys, enables HR teams to understand how each phase of the employee experience impacts engagement.

Customizable Templates and Timing

Similar to Reflektive’s Engagement and Exit surveys, we provide customers with a succinct Onboarding survey template and easy-to-understand questions. Our template covers your organization’s recruiting and orientation experiences, as well as company and manager communication. Sample questions are below:

  • “I received helpful company information during onboarding”
  • “I understand my company’s goals”
  • “I feel welcome and part of the team”

You can modify the template to add new questions, including ratings scales, free text, and multiple-choice response types. What’s more, you can customize the timing of the survey so that it is delivered at the right point in the employee journey, whether that’s 30 days, six weeks, or two months after the hire date. Once you select the timing, onboarding surveys will be automatically sent to all new hires — no manual intervention needed from the HR team.

Insights on the End-to-End Employee Experience

Most importantly, real-time responses from the onboarding survey are available in our People Intelligence solution. You can get a snapshot of new hire sentiment during this pivotal time in the employee’s journey, and identify changes over time. You can also slice and dice data by department and other employee demographics. Some sample insights you can capture:

  • New hires on the product team report a more positive onboarding experience than new hires on the marketing team
  • Men say that they receive more helpful information than women during the recruiting process
  • New hires provided 50 percent higher ratings for our onboarding program than they did six months ago

Combined with data from your Engagement and Exit surveys, our People Intelligence solution provides a holistic view of the biggest drivers of employee engagement. By cutting your engagement data by employee start date, you can better draw the link between programmatic changes —such as improved transparency in the recruiting process — and business results, such as higher engagement or retention. You can also identify attributes that make a departing employee more likely to want to work at your company again in the future.

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