New Reflektive Conversation Starters for Working Remotely

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 100 million Americans were able to work from home in 2018. Given the current pandemic, even more employees are working remotely now. This shift has had a tremendous impact on how workers collaborate, communicate, and complete their work. Managers are struggling to support employees in this new setting, and ensure they have everything they need to stay motivated and engaged.

To help managers have productive, actionable meetings with their employees, we’ve developed new Reflektive Conversation Starters called “Remotely Working”. Similar to the Coronavirus Sentiment Survey, the new Conversation Starters include open-ended questions on employee support, connectedness, and productivity so managers can have meaningful dialogue on these topics. Given the unique employee stressors at this time, we also included more holistic topics on well-being, including the below questions:

Given our newly remote workforce, here at Reflektive we’re encouraging managers to have 1:1s on a weekly basis (or more frequently). While we still recommend that employees drive the agendas for their meetings, we’re encouraging managers to use the new Conversation Starters if they haven’t yet connected with their employees on recent company changes.

Haven’t used Reflektive’s 1:1s or Conversation Starters yet? Check out this guide on setting up a 1:1 meeting.

We’ve also included some quick 1:1 best practices to share with employees:

  • Plan beforehand to drive the most productive conversations. Just adding a couple of Conversation Starters or topics will help encourage meaningful dialogue.
  • Discuss the 4P’s: People, Processes, Projects, and Personal. Conversations around these themes can help drive real progress in your role.
  • Have career conversations in 1:1s throughout the year. Discussing skills and career goals shouldn’t only happen during reviews.

Looking to learn more about Conversation Starters or other Reflektive solutions? Contact us and a product expert will reach out to you shortly.