Benchmark Report: Employee Sentiment During Covid - 19

Reflektive Report Highlights Key Employee Insights During Times of Uncertainty

The past few months have brought unprecedented changes to workplaces around the world. In addition to restructurings, one of the biggest shifts has been the transition to remote work. And this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, Gartner research uncovered that “41% of employees are likely to work remotely at least some of the time” after the pandemic ends. Facebook, Google, and Zillow have already announced optional working remote plans until 2021, with Twitter allowing employees to work remotely forever. 

In light of this, Reflektive developed a new sentiment survey to help companies assess employee engagement while their workers are remote. Within two weeks of launching the survey, dozens of Reflektive customers sent it out to their employees. With 32,000 responses and 4,000 comments from workers around the world, we decided to craft an in-depth report on employee sentiment during this time. In addition to the current state of employee engagement, we’ve also included successful programs and best practices from Reflektive and our customers. 

This e-book includes powerful insights to help HR teams understand employee sentiment — and how they’re performing versus their peers. Readers will learn:

  • The current state of employee engagement
  • Department insights
  • Industry insights
  • Employee challenges
  • Employee bright spots

…and more. We also have insights on how Reflektive, HelpSystems and Newport Group are motivating, engaging, and aligning their workforces. 

Ready to understand workforce trends and how your company can move the needle on employee engagement? Download the free e-book here.