New: Guide to Effective Employee Recognition Programs

Per Gallup, only one in three U.S. workers have been recognized for their work in the past seven days. Yet, people who receive meaningful recognition are 3.6X more likely to work harder than they have at past companies and 3X more likely to recommend their company as a great place to work.

Now more than ever, praise is a crucial tool in motivating employees. Recognition brings visibility to employee achievements, and instills a culture of feedback for remote workforces.

In light of this, Reflektive developed a new recognition guide to help companies design and launch effective kudos programs. The eBook covers key recognition metrics, educational content for employees, and a step-by-step launch plan. It also includes recommendations for launch emails and company-wide challenges to get your employees pumped! 

Ready to build a recognition program that keeps your employees motivated and engaged? Download the free e-book here.