Unleashing the Power of People Intelligence & Employee Engagement

People leaders are becoming more strategic and increasingly holding a seat at the table. Leaders from other functions are data-driven: sales, marketing, and customer service all have key metrics that provide great analytics. They are able to report on metrics that are crucial to the business.

But when you look at HR, there aren’t key metrics that are standardized for leaders to use to gain insights and make decisions around talent.

At Illuminate, Reflektive’s conference by people leaders, for people leaders, Reflektive CEO Rajeev Behera shared on “Unleashing the Power of People Intelligence & Employee Engagement.”

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“The complexity with HR is that there are tons of systems,” Behera said. “All of these silos contain data that is not connected. The biggest barrier for HR to be a data-driven function is to put all of this together.”

The magic comes when you combine data sets to get actionable insights, rather than simple analytics.

The key metrics are even more powerful when you have a system that alerts leaders when metrics reach a danger zone. For example, VP of engineering would get an alert when a website’s memory gets high and the site may crash. For people leaders, you may want to know when a team has low morale due to communication, or a top performer has not been promoted in two years.

Putting these insights into the hands of managers is what drives action and behavior change.

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