Get More Out of Your Performance Data With Reflektive’s People Intelligence Solution

We know how important people data is to companies: A recent report by Deloitte found that 71% of companies see people analytics as a high priority. With competition for talent at an all-time high, companies are seeking to better develop and retain employees while driving higher performance.

Despite the surge in demand for people analytics, companies are still struggling to make use of this data. The aforementioned Deloitte study found only 8% of companies have usable data, while 9% believe they have a good understanding of which talent dimensions drive performance.

This is understandable. People data is inherently messy as “soft” concepts don’t fit nicely into comparable data tables. Moreover, many teams lack the dedicated technical expertise and resources to access, analyze, and transform disparate data into actionable insights for executives and managers.

New! Reflektive’s People Intelligence Solution

Today, we’re excited to announce that our new People Intelligence solution will be rolled out to customers in the next two months. People Intelligence delivers strategic people insights from your performance data to pinpoint achievements and areas of opportunity. We designed this solution to solve for the biggest analytics pain points we’ve heard from our customers: that people data is challenging to access, and even more difficult to visualize and manipulate.

With People Intelligence, users can skip Excel and slice data right in Reflektive. HR leaders can pull instant insights from pre-built dashboards covering performance review completion, real-time feedback events, poll responses, and active goals. For custom insights, users can seamlessly build their own dashboards and filter by subgroups such as department and location.

People Intelligence enables HR leaders to answer important business questions such as:

  • “Which departments have the strongest performance?”
  • “Are we rating and compensating employees fairly across gender and ethnicity?”
  • “Which values are my employees exhibiting? Which values need to be reinforced?”
  • “Are we promoting a culture of feedback?”

HR leaders can access these insights in digestible visualizations including tables, bar charts, and pie charts. Users can also visualize trends over time to see how continuous feedback is transforming their company culture.

People Intelligence can be made available to executives and managers, in addition to Admin users. Data is refreshed in near real-time, so users know that they’re always accessing up-to-date answers on their most important people management questions.

More great analytics capabilities are coming soon: Stay tuned for our upcoming analytics integrations with leading HR platforms.


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