The Next Big Thing for People Management

If people are a company’s most precious resource, why are so many of the tools in today’s HR tech landscape so slow to identify why your employees are disengaged?

According to Gallup, disengaged employees cost the U.S. between $450 billion to $550 billion per year in lost productivity. Engagement is not only key to a company’s bottom line, but also to their overall culture and performance.

GET A DEMO: Reflektive People Management Suite

As of today, we are proud to announce the launch of the Reflektive People Management Suite. Our new product Suite combines three key components that we believe lead to the success of your employees: Performance, Intelligence, and Engagement.

“After successfully working with and implementing Reflektive at Airbnb, I’m excited to partner again to bring an integrated and strategic approach to people management at Allbirds with Reflektive’s new People Management Suite,” said Mark Levy, head of employee experience at Allbirds.

By focusing on these three areas of people management, the new Reflektive Suite simplifies and consolidates disparate HR responsibilities into one integrated solution so that HR leaders can focus on the most important task at hand: engaging and developing their people.

One place to sharpen your people strategy

Our People Management Suite brings performance management and employee engagement data together, mixing it with HRIS data in our advanced People Intelligence product, to produce actionable insights in visualizations that are easy to digest for company leaders.

Not only does our new suite give HR leaders insights into the effectiveness of employee-manager relationships and employee engagement, but it also allows you to compare attrition data with performance data to determine how to better retain and reward top performers. In short, our integrated Suite allows HR leaders to harness data that proves the effectiveness of their people programs.

All of these new features will ultimately allow HR teams to act faster to resolve issues such as gender inclusiveness and equal pay, as well as disengagement and attrition.

With solutions that work where your employees work — whether that’s Gmail, Outlook, Slack, or Jira — Reflektive creates a feedback culture that drives both individual and company growth.

GET A DEMO: Reflektive People Management Suite