Reimagining People Management With a Sense of Urgency

Following several years of product innovation, real-time performance management cloud adoption, and customer success across industries and market segments – we’re more confident than ever about our future. New funding will enable us to continue to reimagine people management processes for HR and business leaders, their employees and agile organizations concerned with sustainable growth.

We’re thrilled to share more details about our recent funding announcement with TPG Growth. The sky’s the limit at Reflektive!

Our CEO, Rajeev Behera, recently spoke with Alex Konrad at Forbes about Reflektive’s $60 million Series C round. The Forbes article touches on one pain point of many that Reflektive has been addressing since 2014; it’s no secret.

The traditional performance review process is broken and no one is really happy about it. – Rajeev Behera

Trends We Can’t Ignore

The HR function and people management processes have and are continuing to change at a rapid pace when you consider established and emerging consumer behaviors enabled by digital technologies, labor market power-shifts and talent shortages, industry disruptions, and employee experience expectations.

Reflektive’s platform helps companies of all sizes close the leadership gap by making it easier and more scalable to cultivate high-performing, engaged talent and teams. The platform not only reduces attrition costs and improves business operations ROI, but Reflektive’s solutions also enable what McKinsey & Company calls “organizing for urgency” – emphasizing agility, emergent strategy and the need to “unleash” employees to reshape business in real-time, in response to market demands.

“Reflektive’s vision is to enable company leaders to scale effective people management practices that help employees thrive.” – Rajeev Behera

Building on Our Momentum

Before getting into how we’re going to invest the $60 million, we want to thank our customers for their partnerships over the years! Reflektive would not be where we are today without committed, innovative customers. This brief video interview of Rajeev takes a moment to touch on the essentials for current and future customers:

Reflektive customers and employees are our greatest assets as we continue to innovate and drive sustainable growth. These thoughts below from HR leaders and executives at Protective Life, Curtiss-Wright and AAR are a mere sample of the momentum and sentiment we’re building on with more than 400 customers worldwide:

“We chose Reflektive in 2016 because we recognized an opportunity to leverage a flexible platform to provide solutions that can meet our evolving workforce needs as we continue to grow and scale our organization,” said Stephen Owens, vice president of talent acquisition and development at Protective Life, a financial services company founded in 1907. “Given what we’ve already experienced, we’re incredibly excited to see how Reflektive will continue to pioneer the performance management, development, and leadership solutions needed for the world of agile, free-flowing teams.”  

“We decided in 2016 we’d had enough of our antiquated, annual performance review process,” said Tom Quinly, COO of Curtiss-Wright. “The more we researched emerging best practices the more excited we became. We were looking for a platform which was efficient, agile, and most importantly – focused on real-time performance management and coaching. After a successful pilot with Reflektive in 2017, we’re now launching a company-wide implementation for more than 4,000 employees worldwide. We are very confident the new process and partnership with Reflektive will drive employee engagement and development.”

“We recently launched our ‘Doing It Right’ employee engagement program, and we heard from our employees that they want more frequent communication and feedback from their managers,” said Nicole Colen, vice president of human resources for AAR, a global aviation services company. “As we searched for a user-friendly system to meet our needs, Reflektive stood out because it provides quarterly check-ins along with the recognition wall.”

Collective Innovation for People Management Excellence

Following last year’s success, our goal in 2018 is to empower more customers to scale best-in-class people management practices to all their leaders to maximize employee engagement, productivity, and retention.  To achieve this goal, we’re collaborating with customers and investing in growth plans that include: 

  • Doubling our engineering team to create new features and products; faster.
  • Expanding go-to-market strategies and support worldwide with new services and partners.
  • Driving people management innovation with a relentless focus on customer success.

Watch, Share and Engage

Please take a moment to watch the video above and share this blog with your colleagues and community. Are you interested in learning more about Reflektive’s solutions? Engage with us by requesting a demo.

 Photo by Ravi Pinisetti, Unsplash