See How Snag Tackled Employee Engagement in Less than 30 Days

Boosting employee engagement is critical for HR leaders — the cost of disengaged employees is over $400 billion per year for U.S. companies. However, HR leaders can spend several months developing, executing, and analyzing results from their employee engagement survey. Driving long-term organizational change? That takes even longer.

“Reflektive’s Engagement solution saved us countless hours”

Snag, a 300-person technology firm, partnered with Reflektive to assess employee sentiment after implementing a major change in their business strategy. Snag’s HR leaders ran an engagement survey, analyzed results, conducted focus groups, and presented findings to executive leadership — all in less than 30 days.

Snag’s case study demonstrates the value and time savings achieved by partnering with Reflektive. Download the full case study to see how Snag:

  • Quickly uncovered powerful engagement insights
  • Saved countless hours by using data visualizations in Reflektive rather than building pivot tables and charts
  • Began rebuilding trust and morale among employees

READ THE CASE STUDY: How Snag Tackled Employee Engagement in Less Than 30 Days