You Have More Star Employees Than You Realize

It’s easy to identify your top performers.

They simply perform – day after day, week after week, quarter after quarter.

But performance – like the modern workforce, like your workforce – isn’t always straightforward.

If you’re like most companies, you have a deep, untapped well of employees who could become top performers – star performers, even – if they were coached and managed the right way.

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You also have struggling employees who will simply never have the capacity to complete your most demanding projects.

As an agile organization, you need to identify both your high-performing and low-performing employees, then build specific developmental tracks for them.

And that’s a job Reflektive’s 9-Box Question Type can really help you with.

What Is the 9-Box Question Type?

The 9-Box Question Type is a performance management tool, informed by collaboration between employees, supervisors, and HR, that allows managers to easily view their employees’ actual and potential performance.

Designed as a 3x grid, the 9-Box Question Type has 3 vertical axes labeled High Potential, Moderate Potential, and Low Potential, and 3 horizontal axes Low Performance, Moderate Performance, and High Performance.

The labels of the actual boxes themselves we leave to your discretion.

You might call a High Potential, High Performance employee a Consistent Star, a High Potential, Low Performance employee a Rough Diamond, and a Low Potential, High Performance one a High Professional.

What’s more, you can rate an employee’s performance and potential in a variety of contexts – from demonstrating leadership and completing objectives on-budget, to even their caliber of work in specific fields like email marketing or cold-call sales.

How Do I Use the 9-Box Question Type?

Just pull up your Reflektive account and open the Review Builder.

Then, select 9-Box as your Answer Type.

Describe what this particular 9-Box is reviewing – like capacity for leadership – and label the x and y axes.

From there, just select the employees you’re reviewing and start reviewing them!

It’s that simple.

And just like any other kind of performance review, your employees can access their 9-Box Question Type reviews in their Reflektive accounts as soon as you make them visible.

How Will the 9-Box Question Type Help Me?

The hard truth is that most organizations aren’t fully optimizing their employees.

They’re not identifying and investing in their diamond-in-the-rough employees – turning average performers into exceptional ones – and they’re not recognizing and promoting the star employees they already have.

The 9-Box Question Type tool is such a formidable addition to your suite of perform management solutions because it makes that kind of workforce optimization so much easier to accomplish.

By visualizing your performance data in terms of current performance and future potential, you cultivate a broad, long-term view of your workforce – a more agile perspective – that makes you uniquely competitive in our very cutthroat talent market.

After all, underappreciated high-performers and underutilized middling-ones – to say nothing of low-potential low performers – are not going to be very engaged.

[bctt tweet=”48% of workers would sacrifice 10% of their pay to take a position they’re more engaged in” username=”reflektive”]

And Jobvite’s 2017 Job Seeker Nation study revealed that almost half (48 percent) of workers would sacrifice at least 10 percent of their pay to take a position they’re more engaged in.

In other words, if you’re not developing your workforce, one of your competitors will.

Thankfully, you have the opportunity to do something about it.

And you can start by reading the Reflektive’s 9-Box Question Type Tool: 5 Real-World Use Cases white paper.

It discusses five real-world business challenges – a few of which you’ve almost certainly faced yourself – and how to leverage the 9-Box tool to overcome them.

It’s an easy, practical read.

Download Reflektive’s 9-Box Question Type Tool: 5 Real-World Use Cases White Paper Now

And don’t forget to explore the 9-Box Product Type tool a little before you use it.

If you’re a Reflektive customer already, you don’t have to buy, install, or update anything.

It’s already there – right in your user interface.

Happy reviewing!