See What Your Employees Value [INFOGRAPHIC]

More and more, employees are choosing workplaces that align with their personal values. For companies looking to recruit and retain talent, that should bring up the question: What do today’s employees value?

Perhaps it’s not a simple question. Highly talented individuals across age groups, geographies, and industries may value very different things. A worker’s affinity with one company brand over another can be hard to predict — the real concern is if your company does not care about anything at all.

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There are changes and trends in today’s workplace that human resources and C-level leadership should consider when distributing resources. The Work Values survey was created by Taybiss Research to analyze what different generations value, how companies can retain employees, and what characteristics make a workplace that delivers values that matter to these employees. The matrix is based on the Lyons Work Value Survey, which consists of 13 work value measures, and adds additional measures to reflect modern work environments. The survey is offered in an ongoing manner, and results will be shared biannually.

At Reflektive, we believe that culture matters more than compensation; and are happy to share the results of the survey to better help our customers and partners create great workplaces.

Take the Work Values survey here to be included in the next iteration of data.