Keep growth top-of-mind and flexible to changes in the company. Increase employee productivity and engagement with check-ins and polls.

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Optimize Manager-
Employee Alignment

Create a Structure to
Build "Manager Muscle"

Evolve Your Performance Management Process at Your Own Pace

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Mentor your employees as they grow with your company

Revise and course-correct goals as company and employee priorities shift and grow.

  • Setup Check-Ins to structure and prepare lightweight conversations with employees over goals alignment and progress
  • Automatically surface goals in Check-Ins to better shape and prepare for goal conversations
  • Allow employees to give feedback on the progress and alignment of their goal
engagement polls

Foster company conversations and culture with engagement polls for employees

It’s important for employees to have a voice - otherwise, they feel like a cog in a machine.

  • Create a poll to survey employees in Gmail or Outlook via the Reflektive plugin
  • Create and customize eNPS, emoticon-based, and multiple choice questions
  • Serve your poll to the right people through anonymity settings and targeting by department, location, and more
  • Analyze sentiment with our engagement poll dashboard

“People do their best work when they're receiving coaching around what they're trying to achieve."


Joel Constable
People Development, Pinterest

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