Real-Time Feedback

Feedback isn’t a scheduled session. It’s an ongoing conversation between colleagues and coworkers.

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Nurture a Culture of
Continuous Feedback

Slash Administrative Overhead and
Improve Review Accuracy

Maximize Employee
Engagement and Retention

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Provide constructive feedback at the right time, every time

Real-Time Feedback enables managers to save and share helpful feedback at the right moment.

  • Save constructive feedback directly from email plugin
  • Review all feedback in your 1x1 Agenda
  • Share feedback in real-time or save privately as a note

Create a culture of recognition and celebrate wins, big and small

Recognize contributions and behaviors that exemplify your organization's core values.

  • Share recognition directly from Gmail, Outlook, and Slack
  • View and edit feedback in real-time on the recognition wall
  • View the most relevant posts by filtering the recognition wall by department, team, or location

View feedback in check-ins and performance reviews

Automatically view feedback from throughout the year in Reflektive's Performance Reviews and Check-In solutions

  • Recognition ports into Performance Reviews
  • Feedback is categorized by core values
  • Employee feedback is viewable within Check-Ins

“Our philosophy at Jawbone is that feedback should happen every day.”


Randy Knaflic
VP People, Jawbone

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