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BlueJeans Turns Up Worldwide Collaboration With Reflektive


With an office full of video screens, it’s easy for BlueJeans employees across seven offices to feel like they’re in the same room, when really, they’re miles and time zones away. Peer-to-peer collaboration is a key cultural value for BlueJeans, where highly talented technology workers are distributed in key hubs like Bangalore, London, and Mountain View, Calif.

“We needed more, so all of these remote sites felt like they were plugged in to what our values were, what our competencies were, and that they were giving each other feedback.”

Joy Wolken
People Operations and Talent Acquisition Director at BlueJeans

When it came to performance management, BlueJeans was looking for a system that was easy to use for employees and easy to manage for the human resources team, just like its own software.


With Reflektive, BlueJeans found the perfect fit in 360 performance reviews. Employees can select peer reviewers to provide feedback on their work, get the developmental feedback they need to improve performance from their manager, as well as give feedback to their boss to drive better teamwork.

Director of Global Systems Engineering Robb Woods says getting feedback from his reports helps him to be a better manager.

“Having a team that’s situated globally across the world, I don’t get to see them on a daily basis and have deep conversations with them,” Robb said.

“Reflektive’s 360 annual review tools gives each of us a voice into the organization — this allows my team to have direct feedback on my performance to them.”

The feedback tool is lightweight and intuitive, so employees can focus on the feedback they’re giving, not the tool itself. HR administrators can easily access reporting, and can enable the process with reminder emails to drive completion.


“Prior to implementing Reflektive, there was always a lot of feedback around ‘I didn’t know how to develop, I didn’t know what was next for my career,’ ” Joy said.

BlueJeans achieved a 99% peer response rate on their 360 reviews with Reflektive. The performance management suite made performance reviews user-friendly and intuitive, enabling a feedback culture at BlueJeans. It invites employees to share their aspirations and gives managers an avenue to help employees grow.

BlueJeans achieved a 99% peer response rate on their 360 reviews with Reflektive.

BlueJeans is the global leader in cloud-based video communication services. Thousands of global companies, including Facebook, Red Hat, Stanford University, and LinkedIn use BlueJeans for meetings and events on desktop, mobile, and room systems. The company is a leader in building technologies for a modern workforce, enabling face-to-face video communication for organizations that want to bring people closer together.


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“Reflektive’s 360 annual review tools gives each of us a voice into the organization.”

Robb Woods
Director of Global Systems Engineering

“After we implemented Reflektive, those conversations were being had — giving them feedback to help them grow in their careers made all the difference for people. People felt like they were important, and that was critical for us.”

Joy Wolken
People Operations and Talent Acquisition Director

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