We empower companies to drive a culture focused on feedback and performance.

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Build a more agile performance management culture

From identifying business challenges early on and managing the right resources, we provide managers with the tools to drive employee development and ultimately enhance organizational growth.

Changing workforce models and new technologies have added complexity to HR departments.

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By integrating the collaboration tools you’re already using with Reflektive’s comprehensive solution, you will transform how employee performance and satisfaction are managed, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Real-Time Feedback

Provide effective feedback

Improve employee engagement and boost productivity through real-time feedback.

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Goal Management

Promote a culture of agility. Create better alignment with employees.

Develop forward-looking agile goals that proactively drive employee development and deliver business value.

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Facilitate quality conversations

Establish manager and employee trust and engagement through quality, lightweight conversations and ensure alignment on business priorities and development goals.

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Performance Reviews

Provide a clear picture of performance

Tailor, customize and target reviews to fit your culture with integrated real-time feedback and goals so employees and managers can reflect on their accomplishments and plan for personal and professional growth.

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